Spatial Ventures – Geospatial Services is a registered business since 2006 providing a unique blend of geospatial information management, science and development services:

Spatial analysis – GIS – Remote Sensing – Spatial data and database management – Data analysis

Support of Geoscience – Hydrogeology/Groundwater modelling – Data Visualisation

GIS Integration into Management Information Systems, customised GIS application development, animations and web-based applications are part of our capabilities tuned for individual business solutions.

Spatial Ventures’ technical solutions are based on a sound understanding of ecological and natural resource sciences, with experience in the areas of forestry, agriculture, groundwater and conservation planning. In 2015, we developed a feasibility study for a GIS based online platform for the Afghan Government on national level funded by the Asian Development Bank.

We support natural resource management, conservation planning and groundwater/hydrogeological assessments coupled with geospatial information management expertise. Implementing and developing field & GPS based surveys (e.g. ODK) are within our scope, including the delivery of quality mapping products.

We are well experienced in Capacity Building in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing, especially in the context of Development Projects and Rural/Community development.

Spatial Ventures – Geospatial Services (ABN 48 095 813 963)