Our experience includes spatial analysis, data management and database development for CSIRO Australia, Conservation International, Queensland Departments of Natural Resource as well as Transport, and Deakin University Melbourne.

Further examples of our engagement are spatial planning, GIS application development and capacity building for Afghan Ministries of Agriculture (MAIL) and Rural Development (MRRD), the Libyan Environmental Government Agency as well as formulating an assessment of a GIS-platform feasibility for the Asian Development Bank.

Our GIS focus comprises the automation of geoprocessing, fosters decision support, modelling, and also GIS system integration:

  • Needs Assessment for a GIS-based Information Platform on national level for the Afghan Government – a feasibility study for the Asian Development Bank (2015) – launched March 2018
  • Network analysis, spatial database management and geocoding (Faculty of Health, Deakin University, Example Food access study; 20-minute neighbourhood study – outlined in this article)
  • Suitability/ multi-criteria analysisMulti-criteria analysis, cost distance modelling, hydro-ecological modelling (e.g. catchment or flow analysis), habitat mappingCI/CSIRO Papua
  • Nested water-catchment design based on restricted area ranges
  • Mapping Ecosystem Services (South Pacific within a joint team environment), Conservation Planning and Key Biodiversity Areas (Papua mapKBA Papua; NC report pdf)
  • Geoprocessing solutions and model development
  • Scripting applications (customized solutions in Python, VB, R, aml)
  • Statistical analysis (R scripting)
  • Spatial database management, solutions and integration (MS SqlServer, Postgres/Postgis, Mysql)
  • Cluster Analysis of geomorphology (e.g. in Marine Spatial PlanningCoral Sea/EEZ NC; webmap; documents)
  • Web mapping development (ArcGIS for Server, Geoserver – Openlayers, WMS, WFS)
  • Delivery of spatial products, maps, incl. metadata (ANZLIC) e.g. Community mapsTKCP for the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program
  • Field data collation, survey design and processing (GPS, ODK, Android)
  • Spatial data preparation and model input support (e.g. Groundwater model inputs)

We base our work on a variety of applications:
ArcGIS, QGIS, MapInfo, python based libraries (e.g. gdal, RSGISLib, arcpy) and R (rgdal, raster, spatial).

Multi-criteria model