Spatial Ventures - Geospatial Services - geospatial information and groundwater data management, analysis and visualisation.
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Spatial Ventures - Geospatial Services -

Geospatial and Groundwater Information Management
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Spatial Ventures - Geospatial Services specialises in GIS, Remote Sensing and the management of Groundwater/hydrogeological information.  

GIS and Remote Sensing

Our consulting services include:
  • geospatial data, image and statistical analysis
  • database management and maintenance, data update strategies
  • geo-processing automation, scripting
    e.g. python, R, sql
  • corporate GIS software customisation and database programming
  • statistical analyses, graph plotting, infographics, research reporting
  • cartography and map production.

Services managing Groundwater Information
  • Groundwater and hydrogeological data management
  • data cleansing, formatting, qa/qc, outlier detection
  • process development for database updates and ingestions
  • time-series analysis, graph plotting
  • mapping and data integration of hydrostratigraphy, borelog information
Waterlevel contours

Waterlevel contouring

Bore-Aquifer intercept

Bore/Aquifer intercept

waterlevel vs cumulative residual

Plotting waterlevel vs cumulative residual rainfall

Spatial Ventures' field support
  • groundwater sampling and level measurements
  • mobile data collection and survey form design (e.g. ODK)
    with submission to our spatially enabled database-servers
More complex areas of expertise
  • Groundwater modelling support: formatting and shaping input data
    such as time-series, outlier detection, raster/gridded data, isopacks
  • 3D visualisation (Paraview, ArcScene, etc) - and 3D-PDf generation
  • web-mapping solutions (Geoserver/Openlayers)

Some examples of past engagements
  • Geological Survey of Victoria (Gippsland Groundwater modelling support)
  • Bureau of Meteorology - Groundwater Section
    (National Groundwater Information System, Aquifer framework, GDEs)
  • CSIRO/Ecosystem Sciences (Conservation planning)
  • Deakin University (Health Geography, field survey support)
  • Conservation International (NGO support - GIS, Remote Sensing)
  • Victorian Fisheries Authority (Groundwater suitability assessment)
Your advantage
Your individual business requirements are met through
  • high flexibility of arranging our technical inputs,
    placements in-house, remote access, phased stages or on-call/ad-hoc services
  • our highly competitive rates and low overheads,
    with the option of project-based pricing, and our adjustment to available funding
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Ralf-D. Schroers (Manager) - Mob. 04 288 170 46; Tel: 03 9327 3645;
Altona-North - West Melbourne - Victoria
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