Spatial Ventures – Geospatial Services is a registered business since 2006 providing a unique blend of geospatial information management, data science and development services:

Spatial analysis – GIS – Remote Sensing
Natural Resource – Hydrogeology/Groundwater – Health Geography
MIS/GIS Integration – Geoprocessing automation – Web Mapping
– Expertise tuned for individual business solutions –
Spatial Ventures’ technical solutions are based on a sound understanding of environmental and earth sciences, with experience in the areas of natural resource management and conservation planning. This is complemented with groundwater/hydrogeological assessments and geospatial information management expertise. Experienced in data science, we have been engaged in recent years in health geography, and digital health data analysis.
GIS and Remote Sensing
Spatial & Image analysis; cartography and map production; geoprocessing automation (python, R, sql); database management and programming; web-mapping (e.g. openlayers)
MIS integration

In 2015, we developed the feasibility study for a GIS based national online platform for the Government of Afghanistan funded by the Asian Development Bank.

Groundwater data management

Handling of Groundwater information system maintenance, data cleansing, waterlevel timeseries quality assurance and analysis, aquifer-framework assessments & mapping

Health Geography
GIS supported assessment of both physical and built environment – their impacts on chronic and infectious disease prevention or containment. The influence on health can be explained through either direct impacts, such as environmental quality, or through effects of built environments on influencing behaviours, requiring an understanding of spatial relations and patterns.

Digital Health/ Electronic Health record analysis
Big data management of electronic health records (e.g. Medicaid, U.S.), using aws and mpp (massively parallel processing) database platforms: Assessing
geographic variations in medication adherence schemes of Medicaid enrollees with Type II diabetes;
Mental health hospitalisation and costs associations with residential mobility
Telehealth utilisation and impact on behavioural health issues

Mobile Field data collection & hosting
Development of field or GPS based surveys and mobile form design (e.g. ODK) with submission to our spatially enabled database-servers.

Capacity building
We are well experienced in GIS/Remote Sensing capacity building, developed training materials, especially in the context of institutional and rural/community development.

Spatial Ventures – Geospatial Services (ABN 48 095 813 963)