Expertise in geospatial and statitstical analysis, modelling, and data management

through engagements with  CSIRO/Ecosystem Science, Geological Survey of Victoria, Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), Queensland Department of Natural Resource and Deakin University Melbourne.

Examples of international assignments are spatial planning, GIS application development and capacity building for Conservation International, Afghan Ministries of Agriculture (MAIL) and Rural Development (MRRD), the Libyan Environmental Government Agency in 2009 as well as national feasibility study for a GIS-platform for the Asian Development Bank (2015).

GIS service provision


  • spatial analysis
  • decision support and modelling
  • geoprocessing automation
  • database programming
  • GIS/MIS system integration
  • web mapping.

Project assignments

Further specialisations

  • Spatial data preparation and model input support (e.g. Groundwater model input)
  • Scripting applications and statistical analysis (customized solutions in Python, R, VB)
  • Spatial database management, solutions and integration (MS SqlServer, Postgres/Postgis, Mysql)

Support in the field

  • Mobile field data collection, survey form design and processing (e.g. ODK)
    – with submission to our spatially enabled database-servers